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Converse asked us to create a Facebook app that allowed bands to enter and then, in the 2nd phase, let fans vote for who they felt should play the legendary 100 Club in London


What we did to make this project work.


How we implemented the project.


Why we did what we did for this project.
Mathew Mole's career was elevated after winning this competition.


Overall 138 bands entered, 300 direct brand mentions were made, with 5,6M impressions the campaign generated over the two phases. 

The campaign lead to an increase of 45,000 fans and equated to an Advert Value Equivalent of R1 290 134. It was one of the first campaign apps outside the US to run on the global Converse page (which has 32 million fans – the second biggest on Facebook) and received beaming feedback from Converse’s global executives.


Brands entered


Advert value


Increased fan base


Direct brand mentions
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