Sasi Wallpaper

We were presented with the opportunity to assist Sasi Wallpaper with a full digital business transformation including the redevelopment of their eCommerce platform.


What we did to make this project work.


How we implemented the project.


Why we did what we did for this project.

The Old eCommerce Site

The Sasi Wallpaper website was not user friendly or easy to navigate, we went in to this project to bring a fresh feel and great user experience when it came to this online shopping platform.

The New eCommerce Site

Ta-da! We call it Sasi Wallpaper 2.0. The new Sasi Wallpaper site is fresher, with a more modern feel and better able to display their awesome products. 

Reached a record 1.42% bounce rate


We successfully transformed their eCommerce, creating a fresh look and greater user experience. So great, that the bounce rate dropped from 35% on their old site to a record 1.42% on the new eCommerce. Great right? We think so...

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