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Being somewhat synonymous with youth culture in SA, it was high time Converse launched its own e-commerce platform in the country. Being so entrenched in local street culture and fashion for so many decades, it made sense to ensure that old fans and new could purchase their favourite sneakers directly from the source. And we were, of course, very proud to be integral to this new evolution in their online journey.
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Simple. Design and launch an e-commerce platform that was seamlessly user-friendly and functional, all the while paying creative homage to their status as a South African street-fashion stalwart.

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We launched the first-ever Converse e-commerce platform in South Africa, by employing a fully integrated, performance-driven digital strategy that created measurable results.

Recognising a Global Brand.

It was imperative that the e-commerce store fit with the Converse global standard and guidelines, a challenge to which we could rise! Further, we were tasked with ensuring that the unique Converse brand tone remained consistent across all platforms, elevating brand perception and building communities.

Check out some of our creative designs for Converse below.

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