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Premium athleisure eCommerce launch for Kids, Teens and Tweens.


The launch of the Rookie e-commerce platform was a first in many ways for South Africa. We partnered with our client to launch a site that features premium athleisure wear entirely for kids, tweens and teens – just because you’re small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look as cool (see: much cooler) than your grownups. Some additional text.


We created an e-commerce platform that was seamlessly user-friendly and functional, all the while elevating our client’s status as a brand dedicated to customer satisfaction and delivering superior quality.
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Rookie Media Grid Image Devices


The Rookie USA website showcases 5 children’s wear brands in an uncluttered but attention-grabbing manner through the use of both lifestyle and product focused imagery, allowing parents to imagine what their kids will look like in each item and showing off the premium products available. For us, it was imperative to design a website that was so easy to navigate even a child could use it, along-side mom and dad of course.

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The use of colour throughout the Rookie USA website was important. The subtle pops of colour found throughout the website shows off the playful nature of the brand and creates a visual impact with users.


Our integrated social media and paid media strategy had two clear objectives, build consistent brand awareness and drive traffic to the e-commerce site. Aesthetically, we wanted it to be appealing to kids and parents alike – playful, contemporary, and cool! An engaging brand voice with clear communication of new drops, specials, and seasonal changes ensured we maintained an excellent engagement rate across platforms.


Our CRM strategy was vital in seeing consistent traffic to the website convert to sales. The weekly mailers featured curated collections for kids spread across the Rookie brands and featured exclusive deals for subscribers.  

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